11 Hairdos That Look Amazing With Visible Roots

11 Hairdos That Look Amazing With Visible Roots

Got roots? Unless you’ve been using your insolation time to improve your DIY hair color skills, the answer is yes. So… if you’ve got ’em, flaunt ’em! There’s no need to stress about covering grown-in roots if you prefer to leave your hair color to the professionals. Visible roots add that certain “too busy and too cool to care too much” vibe to any haircut — and that same feeling can be translated into hairstyles. And trust us: There are more ways off roots than a splatter of slime green, a la Billie Eilish.

Trey Gillen, creative director at Sachajuan, suggests keeping visible root hairstyles on the edgy side. (When is there a better time than now to be experimental in a noncommittal way?)

“Showcasing your rooted regrowth is a statement, so make sure your haircut is somewhat of a statement too,” he says. Gillen suggests adding a shine serum, like the Sachajuan Shine Serum, $30, right where rooted regrowth ends to create a “shine line” and focal point.

Keeping those tips in mind, here are hairstyles that will showcase all of your gorgeous hair.

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