15 New Skin Care Launches Your Skin Wants — All Under $25

15 New Skin Care Launches Your Skin Wants — All Under $25

In previous economic downturns, we’ve seen “the lipstick effect” play out. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s the idea — accompanied by concrete numbers — that women still want to get dolled up and treat themselves with this small, luxury item — despite the fact that other product categories experience a sales slump.

Interestingly, in the corona virus-triggered economic slowdown of 2020, color cosmetics haven’t been high. Rather, it’s skin care that’s experiencing a surge! “Skincare Gets a Pandemic Boost,” writes Adweek, and the NY Times penned a similar think piece titled, “Why Get All Made Up With Nowhere to Go?” Fat Mascara podcast host and former beauty director for Marie Claire, Jennifer Goldstein has dubbed it “the serum effect.”

In that vein, we’re throwing you 15 new skin care products that won’t break the bank… and will help make you feel like a million bucks.

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