How I’m Adding More Water Into My Daily Routine

How I’m Adding More Water Into My Daily Routine

Years ago I stopped drinking soda regularly and sweet teas and sweet coffee drinks. I trained myself to drink more water instead of highly sweetened drinks.

The last few months though, I’ve noticed I am not drinking enough water throughout the day. I live in Texas, it’s already in the 90’s here and I need more water to prevent dehydration.

Here’s where Nestlé® Pure Life®+ comes in.

Nestlé Pure Life+ helps me stay hydrated while I’m homeschooling, working, blogging, working out, cooking and during the other many roles mom-life brings my way. Nestlé Pure Life+ provides unique minerals and hydration in three flavored water beverages.

Nestlé Pure Life+ offers hydration to meet every need:

Nestlé Pure Life+ revive with Magnesium – Lemon Flavor- to help reduce tiredness and fatigue

Nestlé Pure Life+ protect with Zinc – Blackberry Flavor to help maintain healthy immune system functioning

Nestlé Pure Life+ active with Potassium – Orange flavor to help support normal muscle function

How I’m adding more water into my daily routine

• Drink a bottle of water before coffee
• Fill a 48 oz bottle of water and take that into my office – try to finish by lunch time
• Drink water with my lunch
• Drink water during my workout
• Drink water with dinner
• Have a small cup of water right before bed

I carry a water bottle with me wherever I go. I noticed if I’m dehydrated I make poor food choices. Having water near me helps prevent this!

I especially enjoy adding the Nestlé Pure Life+ active water beverage with added potassium into my workout routine. I walk on the treadmill and lift weights in my garage and it gets hot in there! The potassium in the water beverage contributes to normal muscle functioning and is an easy way to get 15% of your daily potassium per bottle.

I usually need a pick-me-up in the afternoon, Nestle Pure Life+ revive has magnesium to help reduce tiredness and fatigue. This is perfect for me because there’s something about homeschooling that makes me very tired! 😉

You can order all three flavors at and choose pickup or delivery.

The fun flavors are helping me stay hydrated and we have the added benefit of getting in some unique minerals.

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