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Keeping a journal is a great way to practice natural stress relief. You can learn more about the different kinds of stress in this post. Journaling for stress relief helps release all those bottled-up emotions and feelings and can help you find out what is causing your…

How to Get out of the Cranky Mom Mood

How to Get out of the Cranky Mom Mood

If you are reading this you might think you’re an angry mom. You might be wondering how do I stop being an angry mom? Or how do I stop getting angry at my child? For me the anger starts with the cranky mom mood. I’m…

3 Toxic☠️Myths You Believe About Positivity & Parenting

3 Toxic☠️Myths You Believe About Positivity & Parenting

I used to run myself to the ground taking care of my immediate family and extended family. I said YES to any request no matter how much I didn’t want to do it. Oh you need a babysitter…yes. You need to borrow money….yes. You need a ride….yes.

I barely used my vacation days. I NEVER set foot inside a spa. And just getting a pedicure a few times a year caused me so much guilt.

Being the Yes-woman to everyone in my life made me a not-so-good mom. I was tired. I had no patience. I was mean. I yelled a lot.

Once I started to prioritize my self-care, make time for myself and say “no” more often than “yes,” things began to change.

Taking care of yourself is so important for your family. You need that time and I have written about self-care a lot because of how important I believe it is.

Your mental health is important. You matter. Please take time for yourself!

Myth #2: To be a good mom/person/human being you have to have a positive attitude ALL THE TIME.

There is no way you have a positive attitude 24/7. Life just doesn’t work like that.

Believe it or not, negative feelings have their place in our lives. It is perfectly natural and healthy to have a wide range of emotions. In fact, suppressing negative emotions can be dangerous to our health.

What you learn through positive thinking is this: you can accept negative emotions, know they will pass and see the other side of situations without allowing the negativity to take hold of your life.

Myth #3: Positive thinking is a cure all and your life will be better forever and ever amen.

Positive thinking is not a cure all.

What positive thinking does is help you rise above negative situations and supports you so you can reframe negative situations and find useful and energetic solutions.

Positiive thinking is a tool. You need to take action and use it to see serious (and positive) changes in your life.

Why is believing in these 3 myths problematic?

Because believing in these 3 myths will cripple you from taking the right action. Your confidence gets affected, you don’t seek guidance, and subsequently, you don’t transform your life as a result.

As a mom who has researched positivity relentlessly, I have noticed breakthrough after breakthrough in my own life. I know it seems difficult but it doesn’t have to be. People just don’t have the right guidance when it comes to applying positivity measures into daily life.

They search for stuff online fruitlessly, and when that doesn’t work, they give up. Then, they blame it on themselves, thinking they are not good or smart enough.

But really, It’s about learning the right strategies and putting in the work.

So take heart. You can do this! Don’t for a second doubt yourself.

What I Learned From My Mom Meltdown

What I Learned From My Mom Meltdown

I had a mom meltdown a few weeks ago. I got sick of being the only one cooking, cleaning, meal prepping, working full-time plus doing everything for the kids AND working a side hustle.  I felt run down, exhausted, disrespected and quite frankly, depressed. I…

How I’m Adding More Water Into My Daily Routine

How I’m Adding More Water Into My Daily Routine

Years ago I stopped drinking soda regularly and sweet teas and sweet coffee drinks. I trained myself to drink more water instead of highly sweetened drinks. The last few months though, I’ve noticed I am not drinking enough water throughout the day. I live in…

2020 Breaking Moms? Making Us Stronger?

2020 Breaking Moms? Making Us Stronger?

I’ve always been a working mom. I went back to work 6 weeks after I had my first child. Without me working, we wouldn’t have made it.

When I was in nursing school I worked 5 days a week and then went to school the other 2 days. As a single mom everything fell on me. I had to do it all. You would think I would look back on that time and see that as the “hard” days.

Spoiler alert – they were not the hard days. Those days when I was exhausted but pushing through as a single mom were tough, don’t get me wrong. But they weren’t the hardest days.

Living in 2020…

I’ve lived the hardest days this year as a working mom/virtual mom-teacher/cook/meal-prepper/grocery deliverer/wife/housekeeper/chef/EVERY OTHER ROLE US MOMS HAVE.

The Covid 19 Pandemic added an extra layer of stress topped with a sprinkle of anxiety to overworked moms everywhere. Then virtual learning happened.

I lost my shit. I cried so much in May because I was sure my 1st grader would fail. She refused to do any of the online work and getting her to do homework was like asking her to clean her room.

I went through the summer a little bit happier (because no virtual school) and also depressed enough to reach out to my doctor for antidepressants.

By August with no real back to school plans announced, no end to the kids at home while I work, no end to the mess and the fighting and constant to-do’s on my list, I burned out and crashed hard.

I had a meltdown. I didn’t want to talk to my husband or my kids. I stayed in my bedroom as much as possible. I had hit the 2020 Moms Do Every Effing Thing bottom.

And I know other moms were right there with me. Moms are burned out. Moms are sick of working all day and cooking and cleaning and feeling under-appreciated. Moms are sick of being the only ones who see the trash needs to go out, the lawn needs to be mowed, the toilet needs to be scrubbed.

Working moms are busy AF with work + kids + cleaning + cooking + managing finances + anything else that arises as well as still being stressed AF about the damn pandemic.

The moms I know are exhausted, depressed, tired of being home with the kids and at the same time grateful to have their kids home safe. These moms are pissed when their husband’s don’t understand that helping out around the house is more than doing 1 load of laundry.

The husband’s don’t have to put themselves on mute to yell at the kids during a meeting. They don’t have to worry about how low their productivity is at work now that the kids are home full time. They don’t have to stop working multiple times a day to make meals, clean messes, referee fights or log into Google classrooms.

2020 is breaking moms? Making us stronger? I don’t know.

What I do know is this: working moms needs some help and encouragement.

Have a co-worker who is a working mom? Tell her she’s doing a great job.

You have a mom who works and you live with her? Great, pick up after yourself!

Married to a working mom? Step it up buddy! Take over chores, cooking, car maintenance as much shit as possible.

Have a friend who is a working mom? Encourage her. Message her. Check in on her. Send her funny memes. Tell her she’s amazing. Be there when she needs to vent.

Let’s all remember there are only so many days us moms can run on empty. For some, there isn’t even fumes left to keep her going.

Let’s be there for these moms. Let’s show them they’re not alone. Let’s stop touting moms as superhuman and instead take care of their very human needs first.

This Make-Up Artist’s Avant-Garde Looks Will Inspire You To Use Your Face As A Canvas

This Make-Up Artist’s Avant-Garde Looks Will Inspire You To Use Your Face As A Canvas

Beauty model and make-up artist Ali Hicks, 19 (who prefers to go by the mononym Ali), has begun showing her work IRL, adorning Rina Sawayama’s face with delicate peace signs during fashion week in 2019, and appearing in a Maybelline campaign earlier this year. But the bulk of…

A Cozy Couch for our Big Family!

A Cozy Couch for our Big Family!

My husband, y’all.This fella is my biggest cheerleader and the unsung hero of all my Cotton Stem-y-ness.  He happily goes along with whatever crazy decor idea I come up with next, hammer in hand, just asking how he can help.  It’s not often that he…

17 Family Photo Ideas and Tips For Mommy and Me Pictures

17 Family Photo Ideas and Tips For Mommy and Me Pictures

Looking for family photo ideas for mommy and me photography? Here are 17 family picture tips with location ideas, photography tips and poses to try with your baby or toddler.

mommy and me family photo ideas and tips

When you have little ones, family pictures are especially important. After all, they’re only little for so long!

Group family photos are an absolute must, but you also want to capture individualized family pictures with your little one.

Whether mommy and me photos, daddy and daughter (or son) pictures or photography featuring siblings, making a point to capture these special bonds and memories is equally as important.

17 Family Photo Ideas and Tips for Mommy and Me Photography

Now that Everly is over a year and a half, we’ve had our fair share of mommy and me photo sessions. From how to get a baby to smile to the best family photography locations, we’ve learned a lot over the last year and a half of photo shoots. Family photos are no easy feat, which is why I’m super excited to take what we’ve learned and share my top 17 family photo tips for mommy and me pictures.

I also have ideas on how to make your mommy and me family photos more visually appealing with tips on what to wear, and props to use that will make your photos more interesting.

No matter if you’re a mommy blogger like me or a mama who wants to capture some beautiful moments with your little one (also like me), here are 17 family photo ideas that will help you capture picture-perfect memories.


When it comes to planning a family photoshoot, one of the first things you’ll need to decide is where you want to take your photos.

Depending on the weather and the time of year, outdoor locations like field and parks are always an easy go-to.

But in case you want to get a little more creative with your mommy and me family photos, here are some unique ideas along with our foolproof go-to spots that you can find near your home.

family photo ideas - mommy and me photography tips and locations - open field with flowers

An Open Field (Bonus Points For Flowers)

When it comes to family pictures, you simply can’t go wrong with an open field. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to find field locations when you’re looking for them.

Of course you can always venture outside of the city or suburbs for small towns and open spaces with miles and miles of field space. But you can just as easily find field photography options near your own neighborhood. Whether it’s out at a community park or down the road in a lot of land that’s for sale, it will work perfectly for your family photos.

The field of yellow flowers used in our mommy and me photo above, for example, is actually not nearly as big as it looks. My photographer Angie found this field nearby a downtown area in Fort Worth, just behind a gas station.

If you’re taking photos anytime from March through summer, you’re likely to find blooms in your area too. These photos were taken last March, but if you’re a Texas local, you can always wait for blue bonnet season. In the summer months, sunflower fields always make for a beautiful family photography location.

family photo ideas - mommy and me photography tips and locations - unique movie theater in Arlington - coordinating polka dot and pink outfits

A Colorful Building With Texture

Looking for an outdoor photography location alternative to the traditional field or park? Buildings in aesthetically pleasing colors and textures are another family photo location idea that can easily be found in your local area.

White brick structures or traditional buildings like a university or government building are always an easy family photography location option that will work in any season. But also be sure to look for photo-worthy buildings in local old downtown areas.

The building seen in the above mommy and me photoshoot is actually a movie theater in downtown Arlington, Texas. The pretty mint green color of the tiles makes for a great photography backdrop.

family photo ideas - mommy and me photography tips and locations - colorful museum of wax palace in grand prairie

A Unique Local Spot With Character

Get even more creative with your family picture location by finding a photography backdrop with character.

Angie recommended the Ripley’s Believe it or Not Palace of Wax in Grand Prairie, Texas for our Aladdin-Themed photoshoot featured above.

I LOVED the fun colors and the unique Taj Mahal-inspired shape of the building. It was especially perfect for our Aladdin Mommy and Me photoshoot, but the colors and unique shapes make it a fun photography location that would work with lots of family photos.

Be sure to check out your local area for unique outdoor photography location ideas like this one.

family photo ideas - mommy and me photography tips and locations - pop ups - museum of memories dallas

Family Pictures at a Local Pop Up

Pop ups like the Museum of Ice Cream and the Museum of Memories in Dallas are becoming so popular in most major cities these days. They make for such fun and unique spots to take photos.

You can be sure that there will be lots of bloggers (like myself) and millennials shooting insta-worthy photos at popups like these for instagram. But why not plan some fun family photo shoots at a unique, colorful location at a pop up gallery?

A pop up is especially ideal for mommy and me photos like the ones Everly and I took above at the Museum of Memories in Dallas or sibling photos. You can see more photos we took at the Museum of Memories here in a coral Kitchen-inspired room.

To plan your family pictures at a pop up, check to see what pop ups are current in your local metroplex. Then, head to their website or instagram to see what installations might be a good fit for your family photos.

family photo ideas - mommy and me photography tips and locations - aquarium photoshoot

Indoor Family Photos at a Unique Location Like the Aquarium

Looking for a family photo idea that will really come to life? Try a location like your local aquarium or zoo!

This is especially a great idea for mommy and me blog photography. The above photo was taken when Everly was about 7 months old at the Sea Life Aquarium in Grapevine.

I absolutely loved how they turned out! Capturing the wonder and imaginations of your little ones in a place like a zoo or aquarium makes for truly unique and unbelievable photos.

You would for sure want to hire a professional photographer for indoor photography with tricky lighting situations such as this one. This aquarium mommy and me photoshoot ended up being one of my favorites to-date.

family photo ideas - mommy and me photography tips - seasonal locations holidays

Seasonal Spots for Holiday Family Photos

The holiday season always offers exciting new family photo location options. You can usually find holiday family photo ideas both in your local neighborhood and in your metroplex.

There are always the holiday family photography location go-to’s like Christmas tree farms, but don’t miss out on all the others. Pay attention as you drive around your local area to new holiday installations, decor and lights.

I found this spot not far from Coppell where we live while taking a short cut during the holidays. I immediately texted our photographer Angie to tell her about shooting there.

It’s a new area with restaurants and shops which we’d been to before, but never for the holidays and I loved their fun installations. We ended up taking several mommy and me photos here and will definitely do so again next year.

family photo ideas - mommy and me photography tips and poses - holding baby in air from side - girl's nursery

Family Photo Ideas At Home in the Nursery

Having a young baby or toddler can make it more difficult to round up the family and drive to a location for your family photos. Luckily, you don’t even have to leave your home to have good-quality family photos.

With a newborn or little one, I always love seeing photos in the baby nursery. Everly and I have done a few mommy and me photo shoots in her Peter Pan nursery.

After all, you spend all of that time and money decorating the nursery, you might as well schedule an at home photoshoot to capture that too.

family photo ideas - mommy and me photography tips - at home photoshoot with pink paper backdrop - matching pajamas

At Home Family Photos With a Paper Backdrop

If you’re a blogger like me and you haven’t already invested in an at home photography backdrop, I definitely suggest buying one now. That’s especially true if you have kids or are expecting a little one soon.

I found our backdrop on Amazon for under $50. You can purchase seperate paper backdrops to use in various colors like the pink one we used in the photo above. I’ve also used curtains and sheets as backdrops for the stand that have worked great!

This makes it SO easy to do a quick family photoshoot in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

My backdrop expands to get pretty enormous, so it would fit a medium-sized family. This at home photography idea is especially good for smaller family groups like mommy and me or sibling photos.


Look, I’ve been a blogger for nearly six years now, and I still find myself looking up pose ideas for photos.

When you’re doing family photos, you definitely want to have a few pose ideas in mind. My tip is to save them on a Pinterest board so you can reference them on your phone or tablet while at the photo shoot.

Here are a few mommy and me family photo ideas for posing with your baby or toddler.

family photo ideas - mommy and me photography tips and poses - holding baby in air - yellow flower field

Hold Baby or Toddler Up in the Air

This is one of my favorite mommy and me family photo pose ideas. While Everly is getting a bit big for this pose now (although Cole can still manage it), it’s a pose that we’ve done since she was old enough to lift her head up.

What I love about this mommy and me pose (or daddy and me) is that it always always guarantees a smile or giggle from your little one, guaranteeing a great photo.

You can try the pose with your back facing the camera like in the photo above. Or you can also have the camera capture the action from the side, like in the featured aquarium photo or nursery photo featured earlier in this post.

Of course always be super careful when doing this pose with your little one and maybe do a few tries at home with dad or someone spotting just in case.

family photo ideas - mommy and me photography tips and poses - toddler stands on chair - confetti

Use a Chair For Toddler to Sit On

One of the problems that you can face while taking photos with your little one is the extreme height difference.

One way you can get your little one a little closer to your height is to use a chair for them to stand on while you stand beside him or her, like we did in the mommy and me photo above.

Just make sure the chair is super sturdy and has plenty of room for them to stand upright.

family photo ideas - mommy and me photography tips and locations - colorful museum of wax palace in grand prairie - aladdin outfits

Have Your Little One Stand While You Sit

Another way to fix the height difference in family photos with your little one is for you to sit while he or she stands next to you.

You want to be sure to get some photos that are more close up during your family photo shoot. Having your faces at the same level always makes for better photos. With a toddler-sized child and an adult, this pose almost always works and Everly and I have done it several times!

family photo ideas - mommy and me photography tips and poses - photoshoot in girl's nursery sitting with book

Sit With Toddler or Baby In Your Lap

Another way to fight height differences with a small baby is to sit on the ground with your baby in your lap.

This family photo pose is especially great for indoor photography done at your home.

But it also makes for a dreamy, engaging photo when you’re shooting in a field or park. Just be sure to bring a blanket to sit on or be prepared to have your backside get a little dirty.

family photo ideas - mommy and me photography tips and locations - mint green movie theater in arlington

Stand And Hold Hands

For far away photos, taking a few shots that actually show your height difference is fun too. I especially love this family photo idea idea for matching mommy and me photos that showcase your outfits, from head-to-toe, like the one above.

family photo ideas - mommy and me photography tips and poses - pink outfits and location - twirling pose

Twirl Around to Add Movement

Movement always makes for beautiful candid photos, and that also applies to family photography.

One of the things I like to do with Everly is spin during our photoshoots. Not only does it add interest and movement to your photos, but it’s another pose that almost always guarantees a laugh or smile from your toddler or baby.

This mommy and me picture pose idea is especially great if you’re wearing a twirl-worthy dress.


Here are a few more family photo ideas and tips to keep in mind when shooting mommy and me photos. From props to outfit ideas, these are sure to make your family photos shine.

family photo ideas - mommy and me photography tips and poses - sitting on blanket in park

Sit on a Blanket for Outdoor Family Photography

I referenced this before in my lap sitting photo idea, but if you’re planning outdoor photography at a field or park with your little one be sure to bring a blanket.

Bringing a blanket to your outdoor family photoshoot that everyone can sit on will give you a lot more posing options. Just make sure your blanket coordinates with what you’re wearing.

Use Props or Toys Like a Book

If you’re taking family pictures with a toddler or baby, having something for them to play with or engage with always helps them to smile or look at the camera. That’s why lots of family photographers carry a puppet or stuffed animal to photoshoots.

But why not use the toy or item as a prop in your photo? A photo-worthy book is perfect for a sitting shot in the house like in the holiday family photo above or out on a blanket in a wooded area.

Everly has taken a few photos where her Mickey Mouse has made it into the photo that I’ve ended up loving.

family photo ideas - mommy and me photography tips and outfit idreas - matching pink sweaters

Coordinate Matching Mommy and Me Outfits

Of course it goes without saying that you should coordinate your outfits for your family photos. I’ve done a whole post on what to wear for family photos, but if you’re doing mommy and me photos, then going all out with matching outfits is so fun!

There are so many clothing companies that now sell mommy and me matching outfits. And this trend isn’t just for baby girl’s and mama’s – they also make matching mommy and me outfits for little boys and their mama’s too!

We all know one day our little ones will no longer allow us to dress them in matching outfits, so while we can get away with it, we might as well document it!

family photo ideas - mommy and me photography tips - frozen photoshoot at park

Get Into Character

Have even more fun with your family photos by choosing your little one’s favorite movie or character as inspiration for the shoot!

It’s no secret that we’re a Disney loving family, and Frozen was one of Everly’s very first favorites. I loved this fun Frozen-inspired family photoshoot we did.

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